Carbon Offroad


Stage 1 Customs offer the entire range of Carbon Winches. Their model range are suitable for 4wd SUV, ATV, 4x4 Sports trucks, Rock Crawlers, Off Grid Adventures and all 4x4 Offroad vehicles. You never know when you will need a Carbon Winch, being one of the lightest winches on the market, you will barely know it is there until that time you need it most. 

You did not get a 4x4 to spend all your off-road time on well-worn Australian tracks. You want to explore the unknown Outback or even the Victorian High Country and find your own tracks. Sometimes that means running into trouble, like getting stuck in mud or ditches, and that is why you need a Carbon Winch. Even when you are on your own and a long way from help, your Carbon Winch you can get you out of sticky situations almost as quickly as you got yourself into them.

Carbon Electric winches are the most popular winches to hit the Australian market. It is not just that they are more affordable and lighter than other brands of winches, they have other advantages too. The Carbon Winch range is fully sealed to meet IP67 rating and comes with a 5-year warranty against ingress damage. Put simply, if your winch fails from water ingress, Carbon Winch will repair or replace it. Covered by a 5 year electrical, 5 year ingress & limited lifetime gear train warranty, as well as a nationwide dealer backing, You can trust the Carbon Winch range to pull you out if your trapped in muck deeper than you thought for years to come! They still work when your engine has stalled and require extraordinarily little to no maintenance.

The first factor to consider when purchasing a winch is the weight of your vehicle. Do not make the mistake of thinking the pulling capacity of the winch should exactly match the weight of your 4x4. To make sure you do not overwork the motor, you will want a winch with a capacity at least 1.5 times your 4wd weight, 2 times to be extra sure. That means if you have a 4wd that weights around 1,866–1,968 kg (4,114–4,339 lb), you can feel completely confident buying a 9.5k 9500lb Carbon Winch.

Do not forget to factor in other situations, you might find yourself in stuck in a mud hole and the suck of mud making you 4x4s even heavier and that’s when you need the Carbon Winch 12k 12000 lb to get the pull done. At Stage 1 Customs you will get the best prices on Carbon Winches in Australia.

Stage 1 Customs is in Sydney and offer same day Australia wide shipping, we also Ship worldwide.

Please check out the Carbon Winch range you will not be disappointed with your purchase.