Carbon Offroad Winch Extension Strap

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Carbon Offroad 8 Tonne x 20 metre winch extension strap. If that Winch anchor point is just out of reach, then Carbon Offroad has got your back. Keep a Carbon Offroad Winch Extension Strap in your Recovery Kit and dramatically increase the chances of a successful 4x4 recovery pull. At 20 meters long, these 100% polyester winch straps are lighter than standard wire cable winch extensions, making them easier to use and store. Not to mention being prepared out on the 4x4 trails is never a bad thing. Reinforced eyes and seam protector sleeves offer strength and protection. The 2 1/8u201d wide CW-8TWES has a breaking strength of 8000kg and is suited to the entire range of Carbon Winches, even the 1700lb truck winch. Carbon Offroad winch extensions are easy to handle and lighter than standard wire winch rope extenders.