Front Bars

So, your Off-Road Sports Truck is all ready for serious off-roading. You have got the lift kit installed, big wheels, offroad muddies, but what about your bumpers? The factory plastic bumpers just will not last, you have come to the right place. No matter what you drive or want to do off-road, we have got the strong heavy-duty steel bumper bars you need to crush the roughest outback terrain and complete your 4x4 transformation to off-road Sports Truck.

Stage 1 Customs has a large selection of bumpers and you will find bumpers for every purpose in styles that stand out, including tubular bumpers. Whether you are looking for protection, ground clearance, or a place to mount a winch, off-road lights, or D-ring shackles, we have it. Most bumpers come with a tough powder coat finish that will resist corrosion, chips, and scratches.

The bumpers we offer are made of thicker steel to handle off-road abuse that would demolish a standard factory bumper, so if it’s protection you need, they deliver. In addition to more protection for your frame and front suspension, we have steel bumper kits with integral grille/brush guards, risers, and push bars to protect your grille, lights and front end sheet metal, and bumpers with skid plates to protect your front differential and oil pan. For extreme off-road use like rock crawling, we can provide you with bumpers that will give you increased ground clearance and steeper approach angles, so you can climb over obstacles.

One of the greatest benefits of an off-road bumper compared with a stock bumper is the ability to mount accessories. Many of our bumpers have provisions for mounting a winch, and some have a mount for a roller or hawse fairlead. It is only a matter of when, not if, you’ll need to pull or be pulled when off-roading, and most of our bumpers have strong mounts for D-ring shackles to attach cables, straps, or snatch blocks. You can never have too much illumination out on the tracks when it gets dark, and many of our bumpers allow multiple Led lights to be mounted on or in the bumper bar.

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