Winch Hooks

 Winch Hooks

4x4 off-roaders will spend a lot of time researching winches in addition to all the possible mounting solutions for their 4wd. It is important to choose the absolute best mounting solution for your off-roading needs. Having said that, most of us will have to admit that looks do come into contention when making our choices. That is because many of us want our 4x4 to reflect our individuality.

After the winch is purchased and mounted, it is time to get practical. Having a good working Winch becomes one of the most important pieces of equipment in your off-roading adventures. When hitting the tracks, you can find yourself in unknown situations, that is why you need the best Winch Hook or Thimble available. Hooking or coupling, options typically are not taken into considerations in the beginning. What type of hook comes with your winch? The typical Winch hook that comes with nearly all winches is not the safest hook available. Many 8-12K rated winches come with a hook that is rated for less than the winch! The original hook will work with chains better than straps. Also, you must make sure your chain is sized for the hook. More than likely, the throat of the factory hook never big enough to house both ends of a strap while still allowing the safety gate to close.

The shape of the standard hook throat is not the best even for a single strap loop. It will often make the strap loop pull from an angle. Since nearly everyone has left the chains at home in favour of straps these days, you are at a disadvantage right out of the box. That is unless you use a shackle between the hook and strap. Keep in mind, the safety gate is typically made of a thin piece of metal that is easily deformed and gets broken or bent after the first few times it is used. This may allow the line to become unhooked when slack is introduced. Also, a damaged safety gate can damage your strap. Using a shackle with your OEM hook is an upgrade. But if you are looking for an even better upgrade, an aftermarket Winch Hook or Thimble is the safest way to go.

For a hook, the throat shape should be larger and more rounded as to apply pressure evenly across the strap loops and accommodate larger shackle pins if needed. A better choice is an aftermarket hook that has a throat shaped to accommodate both loops from your tow strap and a stronger safety gate that will close completely under load, also try to get a hook with higher pull rating than your winch and cable.

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