4x4 Winches

 If you are in the market for a new Winch, choosing a Winch can be a complicated process, especially if you have to decide the line speed, solenoid mounting, motor types and rated line pull. That is why Stage 1 Customs offers only one brand Carbon Winch. Carbon Offroad Winches offer a variety of options designed to fit most offroad 4x4, 4wd wagons, dual cabs, hardcore weekend warriors, caravan haulers and even the soccer ball mum's SUV.

Winches nowadays are more than just big boxes of metal with wire rope hooked to the front of your 4x4. They can be controlled via a wireless remote, use synthetic rope, integrate with the vehicle to draw less power, and pull with stronger motors. All with the idea to make your next recovery or offroad rescue as simple and easy as possible. With all Carbon Winch models you can rest assured to have a winch with superior strength, long lasting electric motor, and a gear train that will cope under any recovery pull.

If you worried about installing a Carbon Winch all Winches come with an owner’s manual and installation instructions available for you and will always answer your calls and questions regarding their winch products.

Carbon Winches Australia have developed, engineered and tested this black beast of a winch before releasing it to the market over a 6 year period Carbon Offroad been in the 4wd game for over ten years and have designed this winch to fit the needs of the majority of the 4x4 Off-roading population here in Australia. 

Have a look below as we stock the full range of Carbon Winch products. All winches come with all the wiring and hardware to do your 4x4 Winch install at home in your shed.