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Sand Flags

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Saber Offroad sand flags are expertly crafted to increase visibility and minimize the risk of accidents. A custom heavy-duty bag sets these flags above others in the market. This sand flag is ideal...

Our Safety Flags are the ultimate accessory for the mine worker or offroad enthusiasts! Whether you need a Vehicle Safety Flags or navigating dunes, beaches, or any sandy terrain, our Sand Flags ensure you stay visible and safe.

Engineered for durability and high visibility, these flags are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and provide superior performance on your 4x4 adventures.

Our Sand Flags come in various styles and sizes, perfectly suited to your vehicle and adventure needs. With vibrant colours and robust materials, they are easy to install and guarantee maximum visibility, helping you signal your location to other off-roaders and avoid potential hazards.

Upgrade your off-road gear with our 4x4 Sand Flags and conquer the sand dunes with confidence.

Safety, visibility, and style – all in one essential accessory for your next adventure!