LED Light Bars

LED Light Bars for your 4WD, SUV or Car. Superior Quality with no electronic noise and interference. Aftermarket and auxiliary LED lighting have come a long way in recent times and is not just limited to things like fog lights mounted to a nudge bar or bull bar. You can, of course, put those products on your vehicle, but many 4x4 owners who head out bush for some 4wd fun or people driving country roads at night require high quality LED Light bars. And the reason is simple. Much better visibility, simple installation.
LED Light Bars can range from tiny 4” Light Bar or Work Light, Which work well on the front, rear bars or front grille if space or mounting is limited, and then you go all the way up to a massive 50” to 60” LED Light Bars that normally mount on top of your 4x4 Roof Rack or windscreen Mount, And with powerful LED chip technology, you can be sure to have the lighting you need to take on any off-road  adventure and camping trip no matter what time it is and weather conditions. LED Light Bars no matter their size also has a lot less power drain on your 4wd. With all of Stage 1 Customs Light Bars come included an easy plug and play wiring harness.