Factor 55 Tree Saver Strap

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If you have ever been offroading and stuck in the mud we don’t have to tell you why a good tree saver strap should be an essential part of every offroad, 4x4, 4WD recovery kit in Australia.

When you are stuck (literally) you don’t want any old strap, you want to make sure it is the most reliable, strongest strap on the market. At Stage 1 Customs we believe the Factor 55 Tree Saver Strap is the best in the market.  

Why do we love it so much? Factor 55 are renowned for their precision design and that’s exactly what they have applied to their tree saver strap. 

It is a versatile strap that can be directly attached to either trees or vehicles. We like this strap as you can attach it to vehicles that aren’t equipped with recovery strap points or you can easily and quickly hook it up to your winch and attach it to the nearest tree or recovery point. 

Rather than inferior nylon straps the Factor 55 Tree Saver Strap is constructed of an ultra low stretch polyester so all the pulling energy is transferred into moving your vehicle rather than stretching the strap.

The flat shape of the strap prevents it from twisting and rolling when attached to tubular shapes like nerf bars, bumper stingers and steering components.

Factor 55 have designed their strap to be the perfect length to wrap around a tree. The strap has an overall length of 8 feet x 3 inch width (2.4 metres by 7.6 cms) and is light weighing under 1.3 kilos.  These straps are manufactured in the USA and come with a 12 month manufacturer's guarantee. 

At Stage 1 Customs we highly recommend having the Factor 55 Tree Saver Strap in your recovery gear kit and onboard for every off road trip as this tree saver strap is guaranteed to come in handy during the most difficult recovery situations. 


Material: Made from low stretch Polyester webbing

Length: 8 feet x 3 inches /2.4 metres by 7.6 cms 

Weight: 2.6 lbs /1.3 kilos

Working Load Limits: Clearly labeled for straight, basket and choker configurations.