Toyota Rav4 2012-2018 (XA40) Ultimate9 evcX Throttle Controller

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Ultimate9 evcX Throttle Controller to suit Toyota Rav4 2012-2018 (XA40) X171

EVC evolved, EXPLORE the power of your vehicle with the wireless-enabled evcX Throttle Controller.


  • App controlled
  • Ultimate9 TC app - iOS/Android compatible
  • 8 Driving modes, 32 levels of adjustability
  • Lock Mode
  • 10-minute installation, 100% plug & play
  • Removable user interface with dual USB-C plug ports
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Limited lifetime replacement warranty


More modes. More settings. More security.

Loaded full of new features, evcX places throttle control into the palms of our hands. With 8 Driving modes, 32 levels of adjustability, and a highly anticipated Lock mode.

Developed just for the evcX, the Ultimate9 TC App offers wireless control to eXplore its array of new modes, levels, and layouts at the touch of a screen.

The iconic EVC driver interface remains - receiving a fresh look that offers greater freedom in dashboard mounting, with dual USB-C ports and new mounting options. Its larger OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) interface delivers comprehensive on-screen information and incorporates a self-dimming feature - activating as it senses a change in ambient lighting.


Ultimate9 Mode: For maximum throttle enhancement. Ultimate9 mode instantly sets the pedal response to our highest setting.

Ultimate Mode: Enhance your throttle response and choose from 9 levels of sensitivity to fine-tune your vehicle's response.

Launch Mode: Improve those take-offs with controlled, maximum throttle enhancement. Launch Mode's initial response is modified compared to Ultimate9 mode to try and reduce wheel spin & increase traction.

Adapt Mode: Take the guesswork out. Let Adapt Mode choose the best Ultimate throttle response based on your pedal input.

Eco Mode: Subdue your initial throttle response for greater control on loose, uneven surfaces such as when off-road. With 9 levels to choose from, Eco Mode is great for off-road, heavy traffic and low-speed towing manoeuvres. Try your luck and see if you can gain more economy from your vehicle!

Anti-Slip Mode: Reduce your throttle response and limit your RPM to help increase traction. With 9 levels of sensitivity, gain more control when navigating slippery surfaces such as snow, ice and mud.

Valet Mode: Designed for parking, Valet mode reduces throttle response whilst limiting the available throttle to provide approximately 50% maximum RPM.

Factory Mode: Replicates factory throttle settings, ideal for sharing your vehicle with an unfamiliar driver

Lock Mode: Add an extra level of security to your vehicle. Block all throttle input from the accelerator pedal and immobilise your vehicle.


The evcX is easily installed by the at-home mechanic in less than 15 minutes; simply connect in-line between the factory plug and throttle pedal assembly. The evcX driver interface can be placed on the dash or console of the vehicle.

*Please note due to LED lights, the driver interface should be positioned so as not to distract the driver. *

Ultimate9 TC App:

Simple to use, this app allows you to easily explore your evcX's layouts, colour schemes, modes, and sensitivity levels. Free to install via the Apple App Store, Google Play or QR code provided in the evcX instructions.


  • Digital Display: OLED
  • Ultimate9 Mode: 1 level
  • Ultimate Mode: 9 levels
  • Launch Mode: 1 level
  • Adapt Mode: 1 level
  • Eco Mode: 9 levels
  • Anti-Slip Mode: 9 levels
  • Valet Mode: 1 level
  • Factory Mode: 1 level
  • Lock Mode & Unlock Mode
  • Driver Interface Dimensions: (L) 51 x (W) 32 x (H) 8 mm

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