The Bone-Ster Creeper

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The Bone-Ster Creeper.
The new competitively priced Bone-ster is probably the toughest general use creeper ever built and it out-performs any conventional creeper you've ever used!
Convenient, compact design features ribbed construction for unbeatable strength and comfort, low ground clearance gives you more room to work.
Specially designed wheels and low profile tyres make under-car
maneuvering a cinch and are warranted for the life of the creeper.
Wheels 3" dia. 7/8" wide.
Capacity 300lbs. 43" long, 23-3/8" wide.
Rolls over many shop/garage obstacles
3u201d diameter, 7/8u201d wide casters
Wheels designed purely for the Bone-ster
Soft, grippy tires TPE tires
Strong thick 11 gauge plate with 4 u00bcu201d thru-bolts
1 1/2u201d ground clearance
Unique evolutionary design
Practically indestructible
Handles make it easy to carry
Ribs add welcome ventilation
300 pound capacity
Same polypropylene copolymer as the Bone
Impervious to most solvents
Easy to clean
Weight u2013 13 lbs.
Dimensions u2013 43u201d Long x 23 3/8u201d Wide x 4 u00bdu201d High (assembled)