Factor 55 Shorty Strap II and III

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The Factor 55 Shorty Strap ll & III is not like other recovery straps. This strap will come in very handy in all types of recovery situations. Designed to serve as a short, soft link to attach to offroad 4x4s, the straps do not store energy from stretching. The ultra-low stretch polyester does not store energy like other nylon recovery straps. The flats shape of the strap helps in keeping the strap from rolling or twisting when attached to tubular bumpers, or round shapes like bull bars or stinger bumpers. This is the preferred method for recovery, having a strap that will not slide off what it is attached to. The strap is 3ft x 3", and all the necessary capacity stats are printed clearly on a stitched label on the strap. Sold individually.
Useful in A Variety of Recovery Situations: The Shorty Strap is designed to not store energy, which means less recoil during a possible failure while in a recovery situation. This strap can be used in many different situations and attach to several different points on the Jeep. The straps can also be used in situations of repair while out on the trail such as straightening tie-rods or other components.
Short but Strong: The Strap is constructed of low-stretch polyester webbing, which does not store energy the same as a nylon standard recovery strap. This means much less recoil during a possible failure.
Compact and Functional: The low-profile flat shape of the strap is key and will help keep the strap attached to rounded accessories and will not roll or twist.