Factor 55 Rope Retention Pulley

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Introducing the New Factor 55 Rope Retention Pulley (Snatch Block Alternative)
Why do you need a pulley?
The Snatch Block or Pulley is a key component of a recovery kit. There are two reasons that you would need a pulley or snatch block, redirect the line, or add a mechanical advantage and reducing stress.
Redirecting the line:
A line redirect is self-explanatory. If there is an obstacle in the way of the line or the line of the vehicle is at an odd angle, a pulley or snatch block can be used to change/straighten the direction of your winchu2019s cable when the anchor point is offset.
Reducing stress on the winch:
Adding a mechanical advantage is to use a pulley, or multiple pulleys, to reduce the amount of force or stress on the winch and/or anchors being utilized.
The worldu2019s first winch friction pulley with patented rope retention feature. A lightweight alternative to traditional heavy snatch blocks/pulleys. The RRP can be used to increase pulling power or redirect the winch line. The RRP is for use with SYNTHETIC ROPE ONLY and is to be used in conjunction with a soft shackle. During momentary slack, patented rope retention rubber fingers prevent synthetic winch rope from escaping the pulley groove preventing premature rope failure. The oversized hole radius provides a smooth rubbing surface and keeps the legs of the soft shackle from rubbing on the edges of the RRP. The critical friction surface has also been TEFLON treated to increase slickness and heat dissipation.
For Synthetic Rope Diameters 5/16 to 1/2 inch (8-12mm)
Billet machined 6000 series aluminium
Mil-A-8625 F Hard Anodized Surface
WLL 22,000 pounds (97.9 KN)
Weight: 21 ounces (595 g)
Made In The USA