Motionlite Wheel Illumination

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Motionlite The Ultimate Wheel Illumination

Motionlite takes a totally new approach to lighting wheels – from the outside. A retracting 6 inch head, containing a 7 color LED array, can be mounted in the wheel wells of virtually any vehicle. A touch of a button on the key fob remote activates the system. Each of the 4 LED heads move into position and bathes each rim with vibrant color. Lighting patterns range from solid to strobe or pulsing. Any vehicle running with a Motionlite system will definitely be a standout at any event or on the road. Motionlite is built to endure the harsh conditions of mounting in the wheel wells of show vehicles and daily drivers. All aluminum components are anodized and heavy duty plastics are used. Motionlite cables are heavy gauge with watertight military-grade connectors. All supplied mounting hardware is stainless steel to provide as much corrosion resistance as possible.

If your spent an obscene amount of money on your car alloys/rims, you might like to know you can now show them off even after dark with MotionLite wheel illuminations.

MotionLites are created from LED lights mounted on to 6″ retractable arms fitted in the wheel wells. To activate simply press a button on the remote to extend the arms into position and flash off your rims with seven different hues of illumination.