MAXTRAX Mini Carry Bag

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The MAXTRAX mini-Bag is designed and engineered for adventure.

The heavy duty, four-layer, weather resistant carry bag provides functional and stylish storage for all your MAXTRAX mini-Tracks -u00a0keeping mud, sand, dirt and snowu00a0out of your vehicle. Thisu00a0dynamic bag will safely store up your 4 MAXTRAX minis or 2 MAXTRAX JaxBase &u00a02 MAXTRAX minis

Externally the zippers have provisions for the use of a padlock; internally the bright safety orange material is teamed with the protective black mesh, protecting the tracks and the bag from all environmental weather factors.u00a0 This bag comes complete with a small internal storage.


*Sized for MAXTRAX mini and JaxBase only.

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