Factor 55 HitchLink 2.0 Receiver Shackle Mount

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What is that one piece of 4x4 equipment everyone need's? if every weekend is going off-road hitting the tracks, you must already know the answer. It's Factor 55 recovery gear. By carrying quality Factor 55 recovery gear in your 4wd, you not just keep yourself covered, youu2019re also going to be able to help that one Mate that is always is stranded off-road, and who were not so lucky to have the the essential recovery gear when on a off road adventure. Stage 1 Customs is your one-stop shop when getting ready for the next outback adventure with your mate's.

Getting stuck can be a part of your off road experience provided that you are well equipped and ready for any misadventure. Weu2019re not saying that getting stuck is fun. Weu2019re just saying that if your Factor 55 recovery gear is touch enough to get your 4x4 out u2013 aside from being an off roading bossu00a0 you might just have a new exciting story to tell at your camp that night. With Factor 55 recovery gear, winch accessories and other essentials offered in our online store you can travel through the outback with peace of mind knowing that nothing will stop you from moving forward.

Product Description

Use your receiver as a recovery tow point.

Lightweight precision CNC machined 6000 series aluminum Weighs only 1.9 pounds. Steel versions weigh up to 8 pounds Rated at 9500 pounds Ultimate failure at 51,000 pounds Fits standard 2 inch receivers Fits common u00be screw pin shackles/D-Rings Anodized or powder coated for oxidation protection

Never exceed factory receiver hitch pull rating
Always use a quality steel alloy 5/8u201d hitch pin
Always pull in line with the hitch, do not bind or side load the shackle