Carriage Works Billet Accessories

For the most part, Carriage Works is well-known for its billet grilles. These are the horizontal metal grilles that are found on trucks, vans, and SUV. However, Carriage Works also provides a selection of mesh grilles that come in three different series: "heavy duty", "3-dimensional," and "stainless steel." All these grilles come as either "bolt-overs" that can simply be bolted-over the existing factory grilles or "original series" that replace the factory shell. Some types of products may require fabrication to install, but for the most part Carriage Works prides itself in prioritizing ease of installation.

In addition to their grilles, Carriage Works also has an array of other products. Most notable of these would have to be its truck roll pans. For the uninitiated, a roll pan is a bumper replacement that creates a rounded bottom at the back of the truck. Among its selection of roll pans, Carriage Works supplies three distinct styles: plain roll pans, oval exhaust cut-outs, and square exhaust cut-outs. Apart from that there is also a vibrant collection of other accessories such as pedal kits, replacement instrument panels, cruise control covers, glove box door covers, exhaust tips, hot rod mufflers, and so on.

As mentioned previously, one of the Carriage Works draws is the fact that all its products are manufactured in the USA and this is an extension of its uncompromising standards and commitment to quality. Even the materials that it uses are of the highest grade, with grilles built from 6061-T6 "Aircraft Grade" aluminum and crossbars machined from "solid stock" material. By using these types of materials, the possibility of dents and pitting emerging due to rocks and other debris is minimized; and indeed, it is the hardest type of aluminum that can be used within the production parameters.

Along the same vein, Carriage Work's dedication to provide easy to install products is second to none as well. Suffice to say with the sheer scope of stylish options coupled with immaculate quality control, it is easy to see why Carriage Works has been so successful over the years. Even its Original billet grille is still as popular today as it was when it was launched circa 1989 and looks like it will very well continue to be just as popular in the future too.