Oricom MMM100 Magnetic Microphone Bracket

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Oricom MMM100 Magnetic Microphone Bracket

The NEW MMM100 Magnetic Microphone Mounting Bracket has been designed to suit all Oricom UHF CB radio microphones and other brands.

This solution offers greater experience and driving safety, by allowing a user to simply install a universal clip the rear of the microphone, and then easily place the mic in the magnetic housing of the bracket.

Simple and effective, this product eliminates the headache of trying to fit a mic into the traditional mic hanging bracket, whilst simultaneously trying to keep your eyes on the road.

The MMM100 is easily retrofitted to any UHF CB radio with a flat bollard. See fitting instructions here.

Pack Includes:

  • Magnetic microphone mounting bracket
  • Hanger Adapter Mount for flat bollard
  • 3M Adhesive patch for bracket mounting
  • Mounting bracket screws and nuts