Ultimate9 Auxiliary Loom Single Output Connector

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Ultimate9 Auxiliary Loom Single Output Connector

Power your 40" & 50" Ultimate9 LED Light Bars


  • Single DTP Output Connector
  • HB3 & H4 Piggyback Adaptor
  • Illuminated Round Rocker Switch


Plug & Power - wire up your new Ultimate9 LED Light Bar.

Ultimate9's Auxiliary Light Harness brings plug & play fitment to your new Ultimate9 LED Light Bar that triggers with the activation of High Beam.

With HB3 & H4 piggyback adaptors included, the harness connects directly into your headlight loom and isolates with a dash mounted illuminated rocker switch.

Don't want your Bars turned on? Simply flick the rocker switch off.

40" & 50" Bars, suited to roof installations, use our Single Output DTP auxiliary light harness - with a larger DTP connector & thicker AWG wire to ensure no voltage drop.

Please note: This loom is only compatible with Ultimate9”s 40" & 50" LED Light Bars.


Sing output DTP Connector: Capable of powering 1 Ultimate9 40" or 50" LED Light Bar

Plug & Play: Connects straight into headlight loom for control

Piggyback Adaptors Included: 1x H4 & HB3 headlight adaptor included with harness

Illuminated Rocker Switch: Isolates the light for more control when High Beam is on and Light Bar is not wanted


Connector Type: x1 Sealed DTP Plugs | Single Output

Relay Rating: 12vDC 40A

Fuse Rating: 30A Single

Wire Rating: 105°C

Max Load: 30A@12v

Switch: Illuminated Round Rocker Switch

Adaptors: Includes 1x H4 & 1x HB3 Piggyback Adaptors

Instructions: Included

Harness Dimensions

Relay ~ Power Terminals: ≈ 450mm

Relay ~ Headlight Pickup: ≈ 1300mm