Saber Offroad 7075 Soft Shackle Only Aluminium Recovery Hitch

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Saber Offroad have designed the Ultimate in Aluminium Rear Soft Shackle Recovery Hitches.

Designed for the exclusive use of soft shackles and ropes this hitch simply will not allow for the fitment of steel shackles.u00a0 Engineered to be the strongest point in any recovery system, with a world class AUSTRALIAN finish, sure to impress!

What makes this recovery hitch special?

Constructed from Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminium:

When only the best will do, this Recovery Hitch is manufactured from Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminium, making it not just incredibly strong, but also lightweight. This soft shackle only rear hitch is the lighter than any other comparable hitch on the market, coming in at just over 1kg.

A world class AUSTRALIAN finish:

Understanding the weaknesses of any finishes from around the world, we have worked with local coating specialists to find the best solution.u00a0 The Australian Prismatic Powder Coating on our aluminium rear hitches gives strong UV stability matched with stunning colours that will surely impress.u00a0 A variety of colours are available including Red, Blue, Pink, Dark Grey and more.

Designed for rope, not for adding MORE metal:

We do not see a reason to design a metal product that then requires for metal to be added to the system, so this hitch is exclusively designed for soft shackles and rope.u00a0 A metal shackle simply will not fit, under any circumstances.

Design flexibility:

Designed to fit a standard 50mm/2u201d Tow Hitch and can be fitted on the vertical and horizontal axis.