Ultimate9 Livetrack Stealth GPS Tracker

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Ultimate9 LiveTrack Stealth GPS Tracker

  • Track unlimited number of vehicles
  • G sensor notification activation
  • Free Phone App to keep track of your vehicles
  • Ideal for fleets, families and all 12v cars, bikes, boats, andu00a0motor homes
  • Anti-theft with parking monitor
  • 2 Wire Install
  • No external Antennas
  • Incredibly small size
  • Encrypted tracking app
  • No ongoing fees
  • Free $5 sim-card for immediate use.

The LiveTrack GPS Tracker is a small yet advanced GPS vehicle tracker that can be used to locate and track your car at any time using your smartphone and the free iCar phone App. And not just cars the LiveTrack can be used for tracking your boat, motorbike, houseboat, jet-ski, heavy machinery, tool trailer u2013 in fact, anything with a battery! The LiveTrack uses GPS satellites to determine the exact location of the tracker and then uses the mobile phone network to transfer that location data directly to your smartphone.u00a0

And there are all sorts of reasons why you might need LiveTrack. It is not just a simple matter of preventing or detecting theft, although it is an amazingly effective tool in that regard. You might want to keep track of your staff or loved ones while they are out on the road. You might want to know exactly where your friends or family are located while out in the boat, in case they get into difficulties and need assistance. Whatever your reason may be, you can rest assured that the LiveTrack will put your mind at ease.

How Does it Work?u00a0
The LiveTrack uses GPS satellites to determine the exact location of the tracker and then uses the mobile phone network to transfer that location data directly to your smartphone. Using the free iCar App, your Android phone or iPhone will allow you to see where the tracker is located. You can also view where the tracker has been on previous days using the Location History feature. You can set up a Geofence or virtual boundary so that you will be alerted if the tracker goes out of that boundary. When you park your car or boat you can also activate the Parking Monitor and, you will receive an alert on your phone as soon as your tracker starts moving! You can add an unlimited number of trackers to your phone app, so you rest assured knowing all your vehicles/toys are accounted for.u00a0

You can even share your trackers location with others so multiple people will know where the tracker is located at any time. This can only be done by sharing your trackeru2019s unique number and password, safeguarding you from anyone else being able to track it. People who you have given permission to share the tracking of your car or boat or?? can only view where the tracker is at the present time u2013 they cannot set a Geofence or view History or turn on your Parking Monitor or change any other settings u2026 only you as the primary owner can do that!u00a0

How Much Does It Cost to Run?u00a0
After purchasing your LiveTrack there are no ongoing subscription or management fees! So, the only ongoing cost is the data usage on your SIM card, and in the case of the pre-fitted ALDI SIM card, that will be only about $15 per year!u00a0

What warranty does it come with?u00a0
We work hard to ensure the quality of our products are second to none and we will guarantee your LiveTrack for 12 months to be free from material and workmanship defects. Please hold on to your proof of purchase and contact us if any problems should arise. This warranty is available to the original owner of the product and is not transferable. We reserve the right to replace, repair or refund at our discretion and all costs associated with returning the product shall be borne by the customer seeking warranty.u00a0u00a0

How Easy is it to Install?
The LiveTrack has no external GPS or GSM/mobile phone network antennas so it can be installed pretty much anywhere. Installation is as simple as it gets, firstly you need to register your Aldi sim card atu00a0www.aldimobile.com.au/choose-activate/u00a0(full instructions in the box), The SIM card has $5 prepaid credit on it that will generally last at least 3 months but the SIM card needs to be activated for the tracker to work. Although you can use SIM cards from other telcos we use the ALDI Telstra SIM card as it offers 12-month expiry on data usage and has particularly good coverage on the Telstra network. You can add credit to your SIM card at any time by simply logging on to your new ALDI account. Even with the most frequent location updates $15 credit should last a full year!

If you prefer to use an alternative SIM card such as Telstra mobile, Vodafone, or Optus you can replace the pre-fitted SIM card with the SIM card of your choice. In these cases you may have to set up a new APN specific to the SIM card brand you are using and be aware that these telcos may charge you monthly fees as part of their data plans and this may be more expensive than the ALDI rate. The physical installation of the LiveTrack unit is a breeze, with just a simple positive (+) and negative (u2013) two wire connection. Connect the RED (+) wire to a constant power supply and BLACK wire to Ground. We recommend not to mount the tracker under heavy metallic objects as it can interfere with the precision of the signal u2013 under the dash near the windscreen is an ideal location that is effective and hard to find. Now just download the free iCAR smart phone app, setup your LiveTrack and away you go!