Saber Offroad Cast Steel Rope Friendly Recovery Hitch & 24K HDX Shackle

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Saber Offroad Cast Steel Rope Friendly Recovery Hitch & 24K HDX Shackle

Rope Friendly Rear Recovery Hitch

The Saber Rope Friendly Recovery Hitch has been designed to provide you with a safe and stronger way to attach your ropes for a vehicle recovery.u00a0 It has been specially designed to provide a larger bend radius suited to soft shackles, removing the requirement for metal shackles.u00a0 With vertical and horizontal holes, the hitch can be turned through 90 degrees should the angle of the recovery require it.

Tested to 35,000KG (77,000lbs) with no deformation and without breaking.u00a0 The Saber Rope Friendly Recovery Hitch is designed to suit a towbar with a 50mm x 50mm (AS4177) hitch receiver. Please check the rating on the tow system before use.


Designed specifically for use with soft shackles, without the need for adding further metal to the recovery system.

Cast Steel Construction

Shot peened and heat-treated for added strength and durability.

Allows multidirectional pull in both vertical and horizontal axis.

Weight: 2.7 kg / 5.95lbs

WLL: 5,000 / 11,000 lbs

Test Proof Load: 35,000 kg / 77,160 lbs

Fits standard 50mm / 2-inch tow hitch receivers.

Australian designed, independently tested by a NATA Accredited laboratory

HDX u2013 24,000KG Technora Bound Soft Shackle

Whilst Saber Offroad have released heavy duty soft shackles in the past, nothing compares to the strength and durability of our HDX u2013 24,000KG Technora Bound Soft Shackle.u00a0 Whilst only 10% larger diameter than our 17,000kg Bound Shackle, it is an amazing 40% stronger.u00a0 This is achieved using our proprietary blended coated fibre, SaberPro, and our latest shackle design.u00a0u00a0 With this level of strength, this shackle is ideal for extra-large 4u00d74u2019s, 4u00d74u2019s towing, light-medium commercial vehicles, and some military, agriculture, and mining applications.

This shackle offers not only a 24,700KG minimum breaking strength, but the Technora binding offers truly cut resistant protection for the SaberPro core.u00a0 There is simply not a more durable shackle on the market anywhere today. As with the other products in the Saber Offroad shackle range, this product is designed to be a safer, stronger, lighter, and easier to use alternative to other shackles (both soft and metal).

Having tested the shackles in a NATA accredited facility in Melbourne, Saber Offroad shackles perform at a superior level compared to many other tested competitor products.u00a0 Having the unique Technora binding over the Saber Pro soft shackle itself, gives those recovering their vehicle confidence that this product cannot be easily damaged even during more extreme impacts or abrasions. Many recovery points sold in the market were not designed with soft shackles in mind, so unrounded edges are common.u00a0 Whilst these will often not immediately cause soft shackles to fail, over time issues can be caused.u00a0 The binding on this shackle offers additional peace of mind.

24,000KG breaking strength

Technora Cut Resistant Binding

u00a0Constructed from SaberPro Fibre

u00a0Can be used in a wide range of applications.

u00a0Tested in accordance with Australian requirements.