Saber Offroad 17,000KG SaberPro® Utility Rope

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Saber Offroad 17,000KG SaberProu00ae Utility Rope

The Swiss Army Knife of recovery gear! Manufactured with world leading SaberPro Fiber, this product is super strong, yet soft to feel, and incredibly light.

Winch Extension

Need an extra 3M (10ft) to reach that winch anchor point? We have you covered as the 17,000KG SaberPro Utility Rope functions as a winch extension strap!

Tree Trunk Protector

The 17,000KG SaberPro Utility Rope is the perfect tree trunk protector solution to safely anchor a winch line to a tree without causing damage to the environment or your gear.

Equaliser Strap

Can be used as an equaliser strap by attaching with soft shackles to two recovery points on your vehicle and winching from the centre of the Rope. This significantly reduces strain on the vehicle chassis and recovery points and helps keep the vehicle lined up as needed while winching.

Non-Standard Recovery Point Utilisation

In some recoveries, such as a rollover, the ideal vehicle recovery points may not be accessible or safe to use. This often leads to a need to recover from an axle, roll cage or other suitable solutions. The SaberPro Utility Rope allows you to safely attach to these points using the choker method on your vehicle without causing damage to your vehicle or your gear. Also, see the Saber Offroad for dedicated soft recovery points.