Jeep Wrangler JK LED Headlights

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One of the most popular upgrades for your Wrangler. Designed for the Jeep Wrangler JK. These multi-function headlamps give an updated, clean look to your Jeep while adding extra safety for your night time driving! The projector lens produces a cleaner beam pattern on the road, less glare to other drivers and more light where you need it.


  • Brighter than factory halogen headlights
  • Multi-Projector lens shoots farther and clearer than factory headlamps
  • Improved beam pattern on the road
  • Low beam and High Beam functions
  • More white of a light at 6000K Kelvin
  • ADR,DOT SAE Complaint
  • Black housing


  • 75W LED Headlights with Honeycomb Array
  • 3000 lumens low beam
  • 3400 lumens high beam
  • H4 connector with H13 adapter
  • Anti-Flicker harness will be provided if flicker occurs after installation (proof of flickering may be needed).
  • Aluminum housing
  • Direct replacement