Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018 LED Headlights with DLR

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One of the most popular upgrades for your Wrangler. Designed for the Jeep Wrangler JK.These multifunction headlamps give an updated, clean look to your Jeep while adding extra safety for your night time driving! The projector lens produces a cleaner beam pattern on the road, less glare to other drivers and more light where you need it. DRL day time running lights can be wired for more daytime safety or wired to your turn signals if desired.


  • Brighter than factory halogen headlights
  • Multi-Projector lens shoots farther and clearer than factory headlamps
  • Improved beam pattern on the road
  • Low beam and High Beam functions
  • More white of a light at 6000K Kelvin
  • ADR,DOT SAE Complaint
  • Black housing


  • 75W LED Headlights
  • 3000 lumens low beam
  • 3400 lumens high beam
  • H4 connector with H13 adapter
  • Anti-Flicker harness will be provided if flicker occurs after installation (proof of flickering may be needed).
  • Aluminum housing
  • Direct replacement