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Load image into Gallery viewer, Ford Ranger (PX1) 2011-2015 Carbon MT 2.0 Front Adjustable Struts 2-3 Inch
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ford Ranger (PX1) 2011-2015 Carbon MT 2.0 Front Adjustable Struts 2-3 Inch
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ford Ranger (PX1) 2011-2015 Carbon MT 2.0 Front Adjustable Struts 2-3 Inch

SKU: MT20-FORD-RAN-PX1-FPR 40-80 2"

Ford Ranger (PX1) 2011-2015 Carbon MT 2.0 Front Adjustable Struts 2-3 Inch

Vendor Carbon Winch

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Product Description

Ford Ranger (PX1) 2011-2015 Carbon MT 2.0 Front Adjustable Struts 2-3 Inch

Sold as a Pair

If you want a smooth ride and improve your 4wd's handling for both on and off-road, get yourself a set of Carbon MT2.0 Shocks for your 4wd.

Carbon Offroad have spent many years developing a ride quality that will give you both comfort and control.  Don't put up with the harsh ride of your factory shocks, ride in comfort and upgrade to Carbon MT2.0.

Build Quality - Simply by looking at the Carbon MT2.0's you can tell that they are of high quality with high quality construction and are fully rebuildable with full support with components off the shelf here in Australia.

Philosophy - Our philosophy is simple, deliver good quality innovative 4wd products that we are proud to deliver to our Australian Market.

Australian Warranty - Backed by a real 3 year/100,000 Km

You won't just know the difference that a Carbon Shock can bring to the ride of your 4wd.... You'll feel the difference

Get the Ultimate in Comfort & Control

The Carbon MT2.0 uses advanced technology to deliver a superior ride quality using a Multi-Stage Velocity Sensitive Piston Valve. That senses the terrain and adjusts according to the driving conditions giving you the ultimate in ride quality and control

What You Get -

2 x Front Carbon MT 2.0 Struts - Includes rubber boot, top hat, bushes, spanner & coil springs.

Carbon MT2.0 Monotube Front Struts - Comfort design valving

Front Struts are adjustable up to 3 inches of lift

The optimum ride quality is achieved at 2-3 inches of lift.

Please adjust your struts using the supplied C spanner

Ensuring you adjust the spring seat with no load on the Strut ( do not hammer spring seat)

Carbon MT2.0 Monotube Shock Specifications

Monotube Design- Maximum fluid volume and control

H/D Brushed Steel Nickel Plated Body - Maximum strength durability and protection

52mm Outer Body - Increased fluid volume to prevent fade and improve control

20mm Hardened Chrome H/D Shaft - Tough Shaft for maximum durability

Piston Rings - Latest Piston Ring Technology - Full Teflon band seal

46mm Piston Valve - Twin deflective disc for maximum control of fluid for both rebound and compression cycles

Quality Bushes - Polyurethane or pure rubber dependant on application

Multi-Stage Velocity Sensitive Piston Valve - For the Ultimate in Comfort & Control

Seal - Active Shaft Seal - Provides a pressurised shaft sealing unit which has proven to have zero failure in all testing conditions.

Internal fluid - High quality shock absorber fluid able to withstand extreme temperatures

Internal Shock Specifications - Micro polished internal tube bore (mirror finish) to reduce drag and wear

Fully rebuildable - With a range of spare parts on the shelf for full Australian Support.

Nitrogen Gas Charged - to prevent fade and cavitation(foaming) of the fluid

Complete with concertina dust boots

Process -The shock development hasn't been short, the Carbon MT 2.0 Shocks have been rigorously tested here in Australia for the past 3 years on a large selection of vehicles and applications - Landcruiser 79 series, 200 series, Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrols and Mitsubishi Tritons, with critical feedback from owners of these vehicles to fine tune the dampers to ensure longevity and improve ride control characteristics. These were tested on heavily laden outback tourers, towing vehicles and off-roaders wanting maximum flex.

Focus - Our number one goal was to bring to the market an improved ride quality better than what has been on offer to the Australian market. We have achieved this by listening to feedback from 4wd owners and making improvements with compression/rebound damping forces and ensuring ride control is at its optimum.

We understood that most 4wd vehicles currently are "the daily driver" and require a high level of on-road control and comfort but also need to take the abuse of high-speed off-road applications like corrugations and out-back dirt driving while offering control in slow off camber situations.

Why Choose Carbon? With the Carbon MT 2.0 Shocks we are able to offer more fluid volume in the shock over an aftermarket 35mm big bore twin tube shock. With this greater oil volume, we are able to keep the piston cooler and offer more stable ride control. While most twin tube shocks have an outer wall thickness of only 1.2mm-1.6mm, The Carbon Monotube shocks are built tough with a 3mm thick wall.

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