Body Armor

Stage 1 Customs offer the most durable 4x4 Under Body Protection, off road body armor and protection parts so you can turn your 4wd vehicle into an unstoppable off road vehicle. We have under body plates and corner guards to keep your 4x4 looking great after your outdoor adventure. If you need more protection for your rocker panels on your 4x4, get a set of rock sliders this will help to slide along the rocks without hanging up on them. The rock sliders we have will not only let you keep moving, but they’ll also make your 4wd looking like a real offroad 4wd. Reduce the chance of damage to your vehicle from underneath with under body protection.

It's always a good idea to protect the undercarriage area of your 4x4. Even if your 4wd came with a factory underbody protection, it will probably be made of plastic or thin tinplate to save your drivetrain components from damage in tough conditions. Stage 1 Customs have selected strong and durable under body plates from reputable company's like Outbak Dynamics, Fab Fours and Poison Spyder. These company's products don't only look tough, they also work to protect your 4wd and ensure you make it back home. A Fuel tank shield will keep you from having to break out the fire extinguisher, and a transfer case skid plate may save you from a shameful walk home. Be ready to hit the tracks with skid plates from Stage 1 Customs.